The Rias Baixas Wine Route

Rias Baixas LogoThe Rias Baixas Wine Route covers the westernmost part of Galicia, running from the border with its neighbour Portugal northwards where it enters the province of Coruña.

This route stretches along the coast of one of Galicia’s most dynamic regions, both economically and in terms of population. The vast majority of wineries are in the Salnés region, the heart of the Rias Baixas and hub of economic activity, as well as one of the most important tourist attractions in Galicia along side Santiago de Compostela.

Right in the Atlantic Axis, it is crossed by one of the most important motorways in Galicia, the AP-9, which connects Coruña to Porto, Portugal’s second city, and is also the Galicia’s main communication route in terms of passenger and freight transport.

This territorial structure, the layout of roads and the location of the airports of Vigo and Santiago de Compostela, just 40 minutes from this region makes it a strategic area for the reception of tourists and their dispersal towards eastern Galicia and the other wine counties of interest.

Rias Baixas

The Structure of the wine industry in the Rias Baixas region. The appellation of origin Rias Baixas began its journey in 1980. Since then, the area dedicated to growing vines under the mark of quality has grown exponentially. At its head is Salnés county. The Regulatory Council is doing great work and there are members who have a high turnover, as are some wineries that are marketing up to five brands. It is a sub sector of small and medium enterprises, but very well regarded world-wide at brand level.

The production of wine with appellation of origin constitutes a fundamental source of employment and one of the most important agricultural incomes in Pontevedra. The cultivation of vines is one of the more profitable alternatives in the agricultural sector of this region.

The weather is a factor that favours the visiting of this route both in winter and summer. The winters are rainy, but the temperatures are mild, even warm, and the summers are hot but not too hot.

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