Ruta do Viño Monterrei
The area of Monterrei is characterised by the quality of its wines and the affluence of its mineral waters in its numerous spas. Tourists can enjoy its great architectural heritage of castles and other medieval remains.
Ruta do Viño
Ruta do ViñoThe Rias Baixas is one of the most visited destinations in Galicia due to its varied landscape, stunning beaches, unforgettable fishing villages, rich seafood and great wines.

Ruta do Viño
Ruta do Viño Ribeira SacraThe Ribeira Sacra demonstrates that the Galician interior has nothing to envy the coast. The wine production in this land is known as "heroic agriculture", due to the difficulties of the terrain and climate. Ruta do Viño
Ruta do Viño Ribeiro
The appellation, of origin Ribeiro is the oldest in Galicia, having been recognised in 1932. However, the renown of these wines dates back to Roman times and Miguel de Cervantes himself mentions Ribeiro wine in his Exemplary Novels. Ruta do Viño
Ruta do Viño ValdeorrasValdeorras is the natural entryway to Galicia and, besides being a world power in the production of slate, these lands offer both red and white wines of excellent quality. Ruta do Viño
Ruta do Viño Verdes PortugalVinho Verde is unique in the world, a mixture of aroma and lightness making it one of the most delicious natural beverages. Produced in North-Western Portugal, it is a fruity, easy drinking wine, great as an appetizer.. Ruta do Viño

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