The Monterrei Wine Route

Ruta do Viño MonterreiThe Monterrei Wine Route can be found in the southeastern corner of Ourense province and very near the border with Portugal. It is the smallest D.O. in Spain. This appellation currently covers 450 ha. but is  growing  year on year.

It is made up of the upper basin of the river Támega which forms a valley bordered by mountains. The variety of habitats and a Mediterranean microclimate in the valley, gives it its rich landscape.

Its proximity to the Rias Baixas motorway, at the very gateway to Galicia, places this region in an advantageous position with regards to accessibility for the capital of Galicia, Santiago de Compostelaand the provincial capital, Ourense, as well as the main Galician cities.

The historical heritage of the region is plentiful, ranging from the megalithic, Celtic and Roman (as can be vouched for, by its membership of the Via da Prata) cultures until more recent times. Even though, its most famous characteristic are its castles.

Ruta do Viño Monterrei

Another of its treasures are the mineral-medicinal springs, which an be found throughout the region. In fact, spa tourism is an interesting proposal and perfectly compatible with wine tourism.

Nor can we forget another of Monterrei’s hallmarks, the Carnival festivals, the most emblematic in all of Galicia, for its unique characteristics, each community having its own distinct celebration with unique costumes and revelry.

These various alternatives come together on the Monterrei Wine Route as a connecting bond to all these possibilities it offers in the region.

These varied alternatives converge on the Moterrei Wine Route making a natural connecting link to all the possibilities on offer io the region.

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