The Valdeorras Wine Route

Ruta do Viño ValdeorrasThe Wine Route of Valdeorras, is located in the south-western region of Ourense province, It is the natural gateway in Galicia, a deep sculpted valley through which the river Sil flows. Crossed from east to westby the historic Via XVIII or Via Nova, which communicated Braga with Astorga,it was a land of transit and destination of the Roman legions who exploited the gold reserves, planted the first vines and built mills.

Thus, they were giving rise to a tradition and culture, which today lays in the cultivation of vines and production of excellent wines that pilgrims, who followed the Camino Real to the tomb of the Apostle Santiago, sang about.

The Appellation "Valdeorras" was recognized by Ministerial Order in 1945. The production area of this Appellation of Origin occupies part of the basin of the rivers Sil and Xares and Bibei. Born with the clear intention to ensure the quality of the wines of the region and to work in the recovery of native varieties such as Godello, as well as encourage plantations of other varieties such as Mencia.

Ruta do Valdeorras

After years of investigative effort and gradual use of new technologies in the care of the vineyards and in the modernizing of the production process, they have ensured that the wines of Valdeorras are among the best young wines from Spain and have international prestige. Within the European Union, Sweden, Germany and Britain are among its major clients and outside the U.S. that is experiencing enormous growth due to the high scores obtained from American critics.

The Valdeorras Wine Route also offers wild landscapes, a rich historical and cultural heritage, art, cuisine and especially its hospitable people, with wine and viticulture at the forefront of this splendid offering.

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