Wine routes of the Euro-region Galicia-Northern Portugal

Wine routes are a new alternative that integrate the resources and tourism services of interest of the wine regions of Galicia and Northern Portugal. A quality tourist product for tourists, that aims to differ from the traditional offerings of mass tourism, contributing to encourage this sector, and promoting the economic and cultural development of the region.

Wine has consolidated itself as an essential part and characteristic of Galician culture since coming to these shores at the hands of the Romans, Even though its subsequent expansion was due to the monasteries of the Middle Ages. Currently a new type of tourism is being promoted, which combines heritage, culture, tradition and gastronomy.


Those who practice this type of booming tourism do not choose their destination for a single motive, but look for several proposals, ranging from a visit to a winery and wine museum, to acquiring knowledge of the historical and cultural heritage, to visiting public and religious monuments or the enjoyment of a rich and varied gastronomy. This site is an invaluable tool for lovers of this type of tourism based on the culture of wine; you can plan your trip in a tailored way so that it becomes a unique custom made experience.

This system offers an itinerary with the key features that can be found on your trip. A tool, whose purpose is to be increasingly interactive, flexible and easy to use.. The aim is two-way communication and participation that makes it possible to design a product tailored to the needs of the wine tourist. The traveller is who decides hi itinerary and chooses the path to follow.

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